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 Nanophysics: from fundamentals to applications

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Wednesday 7
Nems, molecules

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Charge coherence and Fermi-edge singularity in dopant-based devices in silicon
Marc Sanquer  1@  , Benoit Voisin  1@  , Benoit Roche  1@  , Eva Dupont-Ferrier  1@  , Xavier Jehl  1@  , Silvano De Franceschi  1@  , Romain Wacquez  2@  , Maud Vinet  2@  
1 : SPSMS, UMR-E CEA / UJF-Grenoble
INAC, 17 rue des Martyrs, 38054 Grenoble -  France
17 rue des Martyrs, 38054 Grenoble -  France

Single donors in silicon are attracting much attention as qubits [1]. Their sharp confinement potential induces a large valley-orbit splitting [2], which results in a single, spin-degenerate isolated ground-state level used as single-donor spin qubit or two-donor charge qubit. Yet interactions with nearby fluctuating charges can be a source of orbital dephasing. We have measured a charge coherence time T2 of 0.3 ns using LZS interferometry in the first double-donor transistor in silicon [2,3,4]. In such doped devices, these donors strongly couple to ionized donors (charge fluctuators) located at the edges of the reservoirs. Short-range Coulomb interactions between these fluctuating charges and the electrons in the reservoirs can lead to a Fermi edge singularity (FES) [5]. This effect can limit the orbital coherence of coupled donors [6]. To further explore the role of these fluctuating charges, we have measured resonant tunneling transport through donors implanted in a very short silicon nanowire. A current peak is observed when the donor level aligns with the Fermi energy of the reservoir, followed by a power-law decrease of the current, which is in qualitative agreement with the theory of FES [5].
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